Rally for the Rohingya of Myanmar

We, the people, are staging a rally at Queen’s Park to raise awareness about the situation in Myanmar. Atrocities are occurring and the world needs to wake up! Why is everyone so silent???

This is not a preplanned global action endeavour. This is the VOICE of the people. A united voice of the ordinary that can make a tremendous difference. We need to make the world aware of the oppression, genocide, and ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people. The Canadian goverment needs to play their role to put an end to the suffering! Let’s speak for the Rohingya and ensure Canada plays its’ part.

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, are considered some of the most persecuted people in the world. Myanmar, also known as Burma, considers them Bangladeshi while neighboring Bangladesh says they’re Burmese, effectively leaving them without a state. Bangladesh and other surrounding countries have taken pride in denying them access to safety and refuge. The have returned them back into the hands of Myanmar Buddhist troops to face torture and execution.

UN officials have described Myanmar’s persecution of the Rohingya as ethnic cleansing, while there have been warnings of an unfolding genocide. Despite this, the Rohingya are widely ignored by the main-stream media and are accused of faking the severity of the situation, while marking the Muslims as the terrorists.

Please share this event widely!

* We are still looking for speakers with a public speaking/political background to speak at this event.

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